School Information


Village School's campus, built in 2004, is comprised of three wings with a total of 12 classrooms. Large trees provide shade for an enclosed courtyard that serves as the hub of the school community. The “backyard” houses a play structure, garden, and black top area, and gates open onto basketball courts and a large field for sports activities.

Located at the back of the campus, the garden provides students an opportunity to put their life science education into action. The garden was built by a partnership between Campbell Union School... Learn More
If you’ve stepped into the Village School library lately you may have noticed a few changes. The members of the library committee have rearranged some of the furniture, created a quiet reading corner... Learn More
Our school boasts an impressive amount of technology and equipment. Teachers and students have access to over acess to class-sized carts of technology, including iPads, Macbook Airs and Chromebooks.... Learn More