Enrichment opportunities develop the whole student, providing knowledge and context for the world around them. Students at Village participate in various enrichment programs. 

School Day Programs

Village School is dedicated to providing hollistic learning experiences for our students, and Centers is an integral part of the plan. Centers were featured and instrumental in securing the... Learn More
At Village School, students learn the value of giving back to their communities.  Here are some of the Community Service projects that have taken place this year… In the Classroom Sea Otter... Learn More
Music develops the whole student, and Village is dedicated to providing music classes for all students. Like typical music instruction, Village's music program teaches basic concepts to the lower... Learn More
Students spend a lot of time in classrooms at school but getting outside and being active is just as important. Physical Education is mandated by the State of California. Students in elementary... Learn More
Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, & Mathematics—is more than just the subjects in its name. It’s about blending those disciplines in ways that promote collaboration, communication,... Learn More
Technology continues to be a priority for CUSD. With the implementation of online assessments and the goal of creating 21st Century learners, students are getting more and more exposure to technology... Learn More
As part of the STEAM curriculum, Visual Arts provides students with planned, success-oriented art experiences using a variety of materials and techniques. Students will produce artwork in two and... Learn More

After School Programs

Village students who are need after-school care can join students from neighboring Capri Elementary's Campbell Care program.  Safe and Enriching Care  CampbellCare is a high quality, district-run... Learn More
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