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1st Grade

First-graders extend their knowledge of language arts, learning skills that enable them to read and write more independently. By the end of first grade, students should read proficiently at grade level and have the ability to decode and recognize increasingly complex words accurately and automatically.

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2nd Grade

For students in second grade, instruction focuses on developing literacy and proficiency in language arts with the goal that all students become lifelong readers, competent writers, and effective communicators. In mathematics, students become proficient in basic computational skills and procedures, develop conceptual understandings, and become adept at problem solving. Standards-based instruction also includes Science, History-Social Science, Visual & Performing Arts, Health, and more.

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3rd Grade

Third grade is often considered a pivotal year as instruction in phonics is phased out of the formal curriculum and emphasis increases on vocabulary acquisition, comprehension strategies, text analysis, language conventions, and writing. A crucial goal is that all students leave third grade able to read fluently, effortlessly, independently, and enthusiastically.  In mathematics, third-graders deepen their understanding of place value and knowledge of and skill with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of whole numbers.

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4th Grade

Traditionally, fourth grade marks the transition from learning to read (in kindergarten through grade three) to reading to learn (in grade four and beyond). There is more focus on academic language as students learn and practice a range of strategies for acquiring vocabulary independently. They read a wide range of literature, study the structural elements of poems, analyze informational text, and learn to use evidence to support points in the text. In Mathematics, fourth graders perform multi-digit arithmetic.

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5th Grade

Fifth-grade students read a wide range of materials, including literature from different times and cultures and informational text on grade-level topics in all subject areas. The emphasis is on students’ comprehension of complex narrative and informational texts.

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After School

A wide range of after school options are offered, including academic enrichment opportunities, sports, homework help, performing arts and more!  Some options are available through our Campbell Union School District Extensions programs, while others are organized by CMS teachers.  Details are available from the school office or by contacting the CUSD Extensions Department.

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Village students who are need after-school care can join students from neighboring Capri Elementary's Campbell Care program. 

Safe and Enriching Care 

CampbellCare is a high quality, district-run childcare program that is conveniently located right on our school campus. 

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Village School's campus, built in 2004, is comprised of three wings with a total of 12 classrooms. Large trees provide shade for an enclosed courtyard that serves as the hub of the school community. The “backyard” houses a play structure, garden, and black top area, and gates open onto basketball courts and a large field for sports activities.

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Village School is dedicated to providing hollistic learning experiences for our students, and Centers is an integral part of the plan. Centers were featured and instrumental in securing the California Distinguished School Award in 2014. Students are assigned to participate in various enrichment topics for 4-6 weeks each. They rotate through the various Centers as the year progresses, experiencing each Center with a different group of students. Each Center has two Center Leads and these volunteers plan the curriculum with teachers acting as advisors.

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Community Service

At Village School, students learn the value of giving back to their communities. 

Here are some of the Community Service projects that have taken place this year…

In the Classroom

  • Sea Otter Conservation Project (1st grade) – click here to read more
  • 100 Acts of Kindness (4th Grade)
  • Loaves & Fishes Field Trip and Food Drive (2nd Grade)


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