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Parent Participation

Our participation contract for families involved in Village School delineates the numerous ways parents can be involved in the school community.

Families work three hours per week in the classroom supporting the small group, hands-on curriculum. Training is available to parents who will work in the classrooms. Additionally, we ask that parents drive or chaperon for three field trips during the course of the year. The field trips create a common experience for the classroom community, and are the springboards for our integrated units of study. Maintenance days, parent education, and fundraising are some of the more traditional ways parents participate, but we ask for even more!

Once a week, the children participate in parent-run, hands-on centers that are sponsored by classroom teachers. These centers serve three purposes: cross-age activities that promote a community spirit, hands-on learning, and an opportunity for parents to share their talents as they apply to the standards-based education, increasing the motivation to learn. Monthly social events that are run by parents also provide an opportunity for families to get to know each other, encouraging a stronger learning community.

Parents assist with lessons, conduct activities, and support learning throughout the day.

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