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Our Philosophy

Hands-on and Holistic.

At Village, we emphasize the development of the whole student: socially, emotionally and intelectually. We believe that education cannot be prescribed as a "one size fits all" formula. The arts are an integral part of our curriculum, with music and art classes being taught every week. Cross-age activities and multiple field trips that support the core curriculum and standards, augment the day-to-day teaching.  Our Positive Discipline philosophy permeates the school, creating a warm, respectful place where children can thrive. Understanding that each child is an individual, and on his/her own path. 

Village School teachers and families work together to deliver instruction that targets children's educational level. Working in small groups, teachers are able to tap into learning styles, review/ accelerate key ideas, and more thoroughly meet student needs. Projects, group work, the use of technology, and the inclusion of visual and performing arts provide multiple opportunities for children to show what they know. A balance of standards-driven education, and hands-on curriculum rounds out the Village School experience. 

When parents and staff work together for the good of the child, the end result is a student who is able to take on leadership roles around the community, and excel academically. Students matriculating from Village School are able to work in a variety of settings, set goals for themselves, and advocate for others.

We believe:

  • Everyone wants to belong, and that everyone has the right to maintain their individuality while functioning as part of a group.
  • Everyone needs to learn how to be self-directed. Internal motivation is the critical influence in the development of character
  • Education cannot be prescribed as a one size fits all formula.
  • Development of the whole person is essential for a balanced life. 

Current Research and Practice: Using the results of current brain research, in combination with Mel Levine's work in Schools Attuned, we work to help each child access their awareness of self, and the way they learn best. Jane Nelson's Positive Discipline is implemented throughout the school, ensuring a safe, positive environment, where each child's potential is maximized.

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