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Updated Thu, Feb 16th
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Transformation Team members tour Campbell Middle School before a meeting about what is needed for creating a quality PreK-through-8 school here.

On February 16th, Superintendent Eric Andrew provided the Governing Board with an update on preliminary progress with transforming Campbell Middle School (CMS) into a PreK-8 school.  The following is a list of key points.

What Work has the Transformation Team done?

  1. Developing Guiding Principles
  2. Developed an Internal Communication Structure
  3. Developed an External Communication Structure
  4. Toured the Campbell M.S. Facility
  5. Developed a Transformation Team (TT) Meeting Calendar
  6. Developed a Transformation Leadership Team (TLT) Meeting Calendar
  7. Developed a Tentative Timeline

What are the Transformation Team milestones?

1.   In March: Select a Transformation Model

a.  “Pull Off the Band-Aid” Approach – Close the school

b.  Phase Out – Remaining grades permitted to promote to high school

c.  Phase In/Phase Out – Upper grades promote to high school; lower grades enrolled simultaneously

2.   March 23: Community Input Meeting (TBD)

3.   Late March: Visits to Existing K-8 Schools

4.   In April: Start Design/Theme

5.   May 23: Community Input Meeting (TBD)

6.   June 1: Plan Presented to the Board

For more details, please visit our School Transformation web page.

Updated Mon, Feb 13th

Governing Board policies guide the District's regulations on a wide range of topics. Policies are available to the public in multiple ways.

Following are highlights of the Campbell Union School District Governing Board Policy Revisions from the first half of the 2016-17 School Year. Copies of policies and regulations are available in print from school offices, the District Administration Office, and are online at Board meeting agendas and minutes also list policies being considered for revision.

  • School-Connected Organizations (BP/AR 1230 revised)

The policy and regulation were updated to clarify the relationship between the district and a school-connected organization, such as a booster club, parent-teacher organization, or other nonstudent organization. The policy adds material about establishing such organizations as separate legal entities subject to their own bylaws and rules; delegates the responsibility to approve organizations' fundraisers to the superintendent or designee; and reflects legal requirement that donations and participation in fundraising activities be voluntary. 

  • Uniform Complaint Procedures (BP/AR 1312.3 revised)

Policy and regulation were updated to reflect new laws relating to complaints of noncompliance with accommodations for lactating students (AB 302, 2015), educational rights of foster youth and homeless students (AB 379, 2015), assignment of students to courses without educational content for more than one week per semester or to courses they have previously completed (AB 1012, 2015), and physical education instructional minutes in elementary schools (AB 1391, 2015). 

  • District Records (BP 3580 revised)

Policy was updated to reflect legal requirement to disclose any breach of security of district records that contain personal information, as defined, by providing a written or electronic notification that meets the content and formatting requirements specified in law.

  • Interdistrict Attendance / Children of Military Families (BP 5117 and AR 6173.2 revised)

A new paragraphs were added to reflect amendments to Education Code 48301:

  1. At the end of BP 5117: “A child of an active military duty parent/guardian shall not be prohibited from transferring out of the district to a school district of choice, if the other school district approves the application for transfer. (Education Code 48301)”
  2. At the end of AR 6173.2: “A child of an active military duty parent/guardian shall not be prohibited from transferring out of the district to any district that has declared itself to be a "school district of choice" pursuant to Education Code 48300-48316, if the other school district approves the application for transfer. (Education Code 48301)”
  • Sexual Health and HIV/AIDS Prevention Instruction (BP/AR 6142.1 revised)

The policy and regulation were updated to reflect new law requiring districts to provide comprehensive sexual health education in grades 7-12 and to integrate that instruction with HIV prevention education. Policy also was updated to clarify requirements related to parental consent. Regulation adds new section on "Definitions," expands program criteria, and merges the components of sexual health education and HIV prevention education.

NOTE: For more details about these or other policies and regulations, please contact the school principal, consult the Parent Handbook of Notices, or email the District Public Information Officer at <> or phone 408-341-7254.

Updated Thu, Feb 16th

Help your child's school prepare for Engineers Weeks (March 6 - 17)

Looking for ways to support STEAM at your child’s school? Come to one of our Engineering Boot Camps for parents to learn more about the engineering design process and receive free materials to help lead an engineering design challenge at your child’s school. This year, we will be engineering solutions to clear our storm drains and prevent flooding!

Option 1: Tuesday, February 28, 2017, 1:00 - 2:00 p.m., at the Capri STEAM Space

Option 2: Tuesday, March 7, 2017, 1:30 - 2:30 p.m. at the Castlemont STEAM Space

Please sign-up by Friday, February 17th to be sure that we order enough materials for everyone. Sign up online at

Questions: Contact Julie Goo at jgoo [at], or Sherry Burch at sburch [at]    

Updated Mon, Feb 13th

Parents and neighbors are invited to attend and give input on funding and program priorities. Check the school calendar for "LCAP" meeting dates and times.

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Updated Thu, Feb 9th

Message from a Village Alum Parent

In case we need more supporting evidence that all the great work teachers, staff and parents are doing at Village School is making a difference for kids…

In a ceremony on December 13th, all eight Village alumni currently attending Campbell Middle School (CMS) 7th grade were inducted into the CMS Chapter of the National Jr. Honor Society. Our kids were honored for their Academics, Leadership and Citizenship.

I am confident their Village School foundation has helped them thrive in middle school. They are involved in sports, band, K-Dog student broadcasting, and student government.

Everywhere they go, they are leaders and up-standers, for themselves and for others. They can’t help themselves! Village School taught them that this is exactly how they should show up in the world. They are leaders because we set the bar for them. We modeled for them what was expected and they delivered!

Continue to “rock it” at Village School, like no one else can… Village is in my family’s blood and will always be!

Updated Thu, Feb 9th

Winter 2017


Village Values

On campus, we have a responsibility to ensure that we provide a predictable and safe environment for our children to be successful. Students thrive on consistency, a sense of order, and stability. In her book Positive Discipline, Jane Nelson writes, “A routine is something students can learn to count on; the routine itself becomes the ‘boss’ so teachers or students do not have to dictate what will happen.”

One of the tools we employ at Village to create and maintain a positive school climate is our trifecta of ‘Village Values’ — Model Respect, Make Good Choices and Solve Problems. These terms, taken out of context, may seem vague. But when we use them in context, they have an actionable meaning and provide us opportunities to support and encourage our students to repeat positive actions that create and maintain a positive school climate.

In the courtyard, for example, we model respect by cleaning up, we make good choices by walking, and we solve problems by keeping our voices low. As a learning community, we teach children these routines and reinforce the appropriate behaviors by offering encouragement and then modeling the expected behavior ourselves. On the rare occasion that a student doesn’t exhibit the expected behavior, we simply ask them to remind us what is expected, show us, and then we positively reinforce their successful behavior.

Our Positive School Climate and Yard Duty Teams are working to update our community’s student expectations in all common areas. In January, we will be re-teaching students the expectations at specific locations, and teams of students will be creating signage to further reinforce our school-wide expectations. Look for these signs when you are on campus and help our community maintain a consistent and predictable environment by encouraging students verbally and by modeling the expected behaviors. Establishing routines and encouraging successful participation creates a harmonious community of learners, striving to thrive.

Updated Thu, Feb 9th

Q&A with Catherine H., Resource Specialist

Please tell us a little about yourself. For example, where are you from originally and how long have you lived in the Bay Area?
I come from a large Italian family (6 children), and I was born in Louisiana. However, since my father was in the Air Force, we traveled all over. My siblings were born at West Point, Corpus Christi, Alexandria, and Okinawa. Relocating so many times can be hard, but I think having so many brothers and sisters made it easier for us to adjust. We finally settled in Spokane, Washington, where I got both my teaching and special education credentials.

When I got married, I moved to San Jose and started teaching for the Campbell Union School District. That was more than 30 years ago, and since then I’ve taught at all three middle schools as well as Marshall Lane, Forest Hill, and Village.

As of this year, the position of Resource Specialist has increased from part-time to .6 with a dedicated classroom. Please tell us a little more about your role.
For most of my time in Campbell, I have been a Resource Specialist. My job allows me to work with many teachers and students of all grade levels, which I love.

I chose to be a teacher because of this love for working with children. I decided to focus in this area because I saw a need for advocacy. It can be very challenging for our children to be able to access curriculum and feel successful in school. Part of my role is to help implement strategies that will support this goal.

What are your interests/hobbies? What are some things you and your family like to do for fun?
My children are grown now and living in northern California and Washington. As a family, we enjoy the outdoors, stargazing, and celebrating family traditions together. I also enjoy reading, baking, and hiking with my husband.

Do your students teach you things? If so, what do you learn from them?
Do my students teach me things? Yes, every day. But, mostly, they fill me with admiration and respect for their strength and resilience. They meet life’s challenges with a ready smile and a willingness to try again — and again. They inspire me.

Updated Thu, Feb 9th
Q&A with Calvin B., Yard Duty Team Member

We know that you are our own school secretary Becky’s husband and a parent alumnus of Village. How long have you been away from Village, and what inspired you to come back? What is your role on campus this year? 
Well, I’ve never really been away because I have kept in tune with what’s going on through Becky! But the last time I volunteered was when my daughter graduated 5th grade in the 1990’s. She started here when Village first began as a school. Becky did most of the volunteering then, but I helped out on field trips.

This is the first time I have officially worked at Village. I am now here helping to lead Yard Duty everyday. Working here is a win-win — I like working with the kids and I know many of the staff. I recently retired as a Teamsters truck driver, and I was looking for something to get me out of the house!

Please tell us a little about yourself. For example, where are you from originally? What are your interests/hobbies, and what are some things you and/or you and your family like to do for fun?
I was born and raised in the Bay Area. We watch movies and TV at home, we spend time with our daughter, both Becky’s parents and my Dad are in the area, and we have a dog, Teddy. That’s about it!

Now that you are back on campus more often, what do you think seems to have changed and what has stayed the same? 
Many of the faces have obviously changed as far as the kids, but many of the staff are the same. I see the grown kids my daughter grew up with around town sometimes. I think the core of what Village is and has tried to encompass has stayed constant.

What do you like best about yard duty? 
It’s fun to interact with the kids, and I like being outside. I’ve always worked outside — I’m not a “sit behind a desk” sort of person. Mostly, I’m trying to keep the kids safe and help them get back in from recess without scrapes, bruises or the need for ice packs!

Updated Thu, Feb 9th

By Angel D., PTA Enrichment Chair and Parent

Every day of the week, dedicated parent volunteers lead our Lunch League clubs for students who have a special interest or are just looking for something different to do. This year, for the first time there are also upper grade students leading some clubs! Read on to see what clubs are meeting this year, and encourage your kids or other students you know might be interested to check them out.


Running Club – (Meets on the field near the Ball Shed) Want to go for a run? This is a spot where student can run off their energy. You can go as fast or as slow as you want. No experience necessary! 

Take A Part Club – (Meets in front of Room 1) Ever wonder how things are made? In this club, kids get to tinker and take apart items. It’s a great way to learn the mechanics of electronics such as a toaster oven or a remote control. 

Yarn Club – (Meets in Room 4) Another extremely popular club has come back this year! Kids get to use their creativity to learn and make different items from scarves to coasters! 


Walking Club – (Meets on the field near the Ball Shed) Sometimes, kids just want to go for a walk. What better way to hang out with your friends while you get to walk and talk? 


Soccer Club – (Meets on the field) Can we just have our own Village club soccer team? Every Wednesday, kids run out into the field in anticipation to do some drills, play some games or just kick the ball! 


Gardening Arts Club – (Meets at the garden) Want to make a fairy house? Start a garden from seeds? Kids get to come and play in the dirt, using their creativity to create fun arts from the garden. 


Arts & Crafts – (Meets in the courtyard near Rooms 11 & 12) This year, our Arts & Crafts is led by the 5th graders! Each week, a different group of 5th graders lead the project. They come up with fun, seasonal projects for the younger grades to do.


Drawing Club – (Meets at the picnic tables across from Room 8) This club is also a 5th grade-run club. Each day, kids get to sit around and draw different characters and comics!

Updated Thu, Feb 9th

Hello Village community. We are the family of Generous Jaguar Macy, and we are thrilled to be here!

Our daughter is in Miss Elizabeth’s 2nd grade class this year as a transfer from Castlemont Elementary. In addition to Macy, our family includes parents Tom and Nan, older brother Jake, and a 14 year old black lab named Frankie. We are all native to the area. Tom attended Westmont High School, and Nan grew up in the Santa Cruz Mountains and graduated from Los Gatos High School. Our son graduated from Del Mar High School in 2013 and will be entering his senior year this spring at the University of Southern California (fight on Trojans!)… yes, there IS a big age gap between our kids! :)

We have varied interests, and we love spending time on activities that we can do together, however our most favorite thing is camping at the many local camping destinations in the SF Bay Area! As a family, 2016 was a very big year for us. In addition to Macy starting school at Village, we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary, Jake turned 21 years old, Tom ran in the New York Marathon, and Nan took on the challenge of hosting Thanksgiving for our extended family for the very first time… Phew!


How did you find your way to Village?
Tom and Macy belong to a YMCA Adventure Guides group named ‘The Snow Leopards.’ Although we were happy at Castlemont, there were a number of dads and girls in the group constantly raving about Village School and the fantastic experience. We were convinced it would be a great school for Macy, and we entered the lottery. 

How easy was the transition from another school?
The transition was nearly seamless. Macy felt welcomed from the very first day. It helped that she already knew a few girls at school, however she seemed to fit right in almost immediately. The kids and parents were very gracious and inclusive with Macy; it was wonderful. Macy loves her teacher(s) and the kids at Village.

How would you describe the first 3 months experience?
Actually our first 3 months were less overwhelming than we were led to believe! Sure there are the parent classes, family jobs, classroom work, yard duty shifts, snacks, fundraisers and field trips. However, it is amazing the way all of the parents come together to support each other and the school. Like Macy, we as parents have felt 100% welcomed and included.

What have you been most surprised by so far?
Really, there haven’t been many surprises. Because we had a lot of insight from friends during our decision process, we mostly knew what to expect. That being said, Village has exceeded our expectations in nearly every way.

Biggest challenge/adjustment so far?
Well, of course, the level of involvement has been a major adjustment for us for sure. It is certainly more than we have ever contributed to a school! However, it feels very normal now. When all of the parents get involved to this high degree, it is really magical and you can clearly see the positive impact on the kids. It’s a juggling act, although well worth it.

What are you enjoying most about being part of the Village community?
As a parent you want what is best for your child. We feel that Village is the best school for Macy, and the best school community for our family. Nan said it best… “This school is like a big warm hug.” Thank you all for welcoming us!

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  • * Wednesdays end at 1:30
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  • Snack Recess 10:40–11:00
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  • In Session 1:20–2:30*
  • * Wednesdays end at 1:30

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