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Updated Fri, Apr 22nd

Today, February 18th., is the final day to participate. If you have not already done so, please take a few minutes to complete the Parent/Caregiver Satisfaction Survey at this link: Survey Link             
Our district is working each day to provide a great place for students to learn, teachers to teach, employees to work, and parents to send their children for an excellent education.
We are committed to listening and responding to your experiences as a parent in our district. Our partners at Huron/Studer Education are providing an opportunity for you to provide feedback anonymously, at the link above.
Your input is valuable. It will be used to celebrate our successes and to create action plans for improvements.

Updated Fri, Apr 8th

Join us to learn more about Village School

In person Open House 6:30pm

January 20th or January 24th

No registration required, just join us on campus

Virtual Open House 6:30pm February 7th

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Updated Fri, Apr 8th

Searching for a school that's right for you and your family shouldn't be a daunting task. We're here to help! Please provide us your contact information by filling out this short questionnaire so you don't miss out on key information and upcoming tour dates. Thank you, Principal Xyzzy.

Updated Fri, Apr 8th

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Updated Fri, Apr 8th

We understand the importance of providing a safe campus for all students and staff. To help us provide that safe learning environment, Campbell Union School District has partnered with professional testing experts at Grapefruit Testing to conduct no-cost COVID-19 screening tests of students and staff at our schools. 

A parent consent form was emailed directly to parents. We encourage you to complete the consent form and submit it directly to Grapefruit Testing so that your student may participate in this important on site, health screening opportunity.  This testing will also allow us to test students who may qualify for a modified quarantine.

Updated Fri, Apr 8th


I am excited to welcome you all to the 2021-2022 school year! We are energized to provide a holistic approach to learning and to provide hands-on learning experiences for our students. Our staff is eager to provide a warm, safe environment that fosters each child’s curiosity and passion!

With the current realities of the pandemic, we are prepared for another year in which we model flexibility and perseverance. The district has posted a detailed Opening Plan for 2021-2022 on the CUSD website. As mentioned in the prior announcement, we have returned to the original bell schedule. We are no longer required to have staggered start and end times. Below are a few updates on the expectations for the Fall. Please be mindful that, like last year, logistics may change due to county and district guidelines.


Morning Drop Off

-Parents are allowed to walk their children to their classroom.

-Parents must wear masks to enter the campus.

-Parents will remain outside of the classroom.

-All parents are kindly asked to leave the campus within 10 minutes from entering.

-Parents are still encouraged to park at Nordahl Hall and walk to campus.



-Students will wear masks while indoors, unless exempt.

-Masks are optional for students while outdoors (We will not require masks to be worn during morning recess and lunch).

-We recommend sending your child with an extra mask in their backpack.


Social Distancing

-We no longer have social distancing requirements.

-Classrooms: This means seating arrangements are determined by teachers.

-Recess: We will have common morning recess and a common lunch recess for all grade levels.



-Each family will provide their own child’s snack.

-Refillable water bottles are encouraged.


I am sure that you have more questions, we will continue to communicate as we finalize the details. I will host an optional Zoom meeting on Tuesday, August 17 at 9:00 am for questions and answers. More details to follow. Until then, I hope you are enjoying the last days of summer to the fullest!


Updated Fri, Apr 8th
Below is the bell schedule for the upcoming school year. Please note that, as of now, we are no longer required to have staggered recess, start, or end times as we did last year. As we get closer to August 19th, we will communicate more details on logistics. 
Thank you and hope you are all enjoying summer!

Village School

2021–2022 Bell Schedule


Campus is Open


Welcome Bell: 4th and 5th Doors Open


Instruction Begins: 4th and 5th


Welcome Bell: K, 1, 2, and 3rd Doors Open


Instruction Begins K, 1, 2, and 3rd 







* Every Wednesday students are dismissed at 1:30 with the exception of fall conference week when students are dismissed daily at 12:30. 

Updated Fri, Apr 8th

Summer has arrived and we are all ready for a break! Thank you again for all of your support the past school year.

Here are some important reminders and information to assist you over the summer:

  • Our office will be closed from June 18th through July 28th.
  • To contact the district office: or call (408) 364-4200

  • Need food for the summer? Find Seamless Summer meals information at

  • First day of school is on Thursday, August 19, 2021!

Have a great summer and we'll see you soon!

Updated Fri, Apr 8th

This year marks a special occasion as we are proud to announce Village has been serving the community for 25 years. To celeberate this special anniversary, Shannon Hughes, one of our parent leaders, created this 25 year anniversay bell.  We are excited to use it as we welcome students Monday, May 3rd, for a full day of in-person learning. 

Updated Fri, Apr 8th
The 100th Day of school is a special occasion at many elementary schools. At Village,  the hundredth day marks a special tradition for our 2nd graders, the Bridge Challenge! Using only 100 popsicle sticks, can students engineer a bridge that supports 50 lbs? The design challenge and anticipation of watching their creation hold the weights in ten pound increments is a nail biting event for all. The entire school was invited to zoom in and watch the time honored event. This year, 3rd graders were also challenged to build a tower construction of 100 popsicle sticks to support 50 lbs.  Great job to all the students who participated in this engineering challenge! Special thanks to our 2/3 teachers, Roberta, Chris, and Elizabeth for putting this together.