Sharing Their Gifts With The Community

Thoughts from Harry I., dad to Hawaiian Hummingbird Yumiko and Breakdancing Shark Ayoko
This is the 3rd year that I am one of the leads for the Ceramics center. My own journey in ceramics started with an introductory class in ceramics and eventually lead to several trips to Japan to visit various ceramic studios. Then I briefly worked in a couple! I find that working with clay is a great way to explore and apply one’s creative abilities. Because there are so many different possibilities and challenges to the making of functional ware or sculptural pieces, it seems there is always something new to explore or ideas to try. If you enjoy making things with your hands, clay is a great medium to try. As with most things in life, you just need to try and try again. Eventually, you will succeed. Along the way, you learn what to do and what not to do.

Interview with Lana R., mom to Classy Cucumber Nicole

Tell us what center you’re  leading this year! How does that tie in with your personal passions, creative gifts, and cultural background?
This year we decided to introduce a new center, “Russian Arts and Culture.” This is a bit difficult because this is a brand new center and we don’t have any previous materials or feedback to work with. But since I am from Russia I get to use the books that I love and choose the most interesting topics (things that I was curious about when I was a kid)!

How does it make you feel to share a little bit of your creative world with the children?
It is very exciting for me to teach it since I am very passionate about Russian art as well as the culture. It is a very interesting country with unique traditions. I can’t wait  to introduce all of that to the kids.

Any words of wisdom or advice for budding young crafters/artists?
Have fun, ask lots of questions and try to absorb all the new and interesting facts!

Is there anything else you’d like to add?
I think it is really great when people get to teach things that they really like. It makes the learning process much more fun since we get to put our passion into our lessons.

I am always curious about other countries, people and their traditions. I think the more kids learn about it, the better, since it’s great to be able to understand different cultures. Also I am an adult and I still hear the question, “is it true that you have bears on the streets in Russia?” I am always laughing because the only place I keep seeing bears on the street is actually Tahoe!