Village School

Big is...

In November, our ABC readers read the book, Big by Coleen Paratore, a book that expands the meaning of ‘big’ to mean not large in size, but in impact and service to the world at large.

Read below the true meaning of 'big' in the wise and unfiltered words of our own Upstanding Unicorns (1st Graders).

“Big is helpful and sweet and strong. By throwing trash in recycling.”

“Big is being helpful for helping people.” 

“Big is kind.” 

“Big is

  • Being responsible
  • Having big imagination
  • Be good
  • Dream big
  • Kindness”

“Big is being helpful and helping each other and be kind and being a big heart.”

“Big is having a big heart and having a big heart is when you love people.” 

“Big is having a big imagination.” 

“Cleaning up your napkin is being big.”

“Big is helpful. You can help someone when they are hurt you can be big.” 

“Big is being kind. Kind is helping others. Helping others is being friendly. Friendly is being big.” 

“Big is being helpful. How to be helpful is to pick up somebody’s napkin on the floor.” 

“Big is… helpful and playful. Like playing with people.” 

“Big is caring.” 

“Big is being a helpful friend by… helping your neighbor with her chores.” 

“Big is cleaning up everybody’s mess. Big is helping people and the world. Big is being an upstander. Big is to be kind. Big is to be respectful.” 

“Big is being a big friend and being kind and helpful.” 

“Big is being a big friend… and being big is being.” 

“Big is being flexible.” 

“Big is proud.” 

“Big is… being helpful“ 

“Big is taking my dog out on a walk.” 

“Big is being strong.” 

“Big is doing big things. Big things are good things.”