Village School

Continuous Learners — Teachers and Students

From David Wilce, Village School Principal

In our fall edition of the Village Voice I wrote about Universal Design for Learning (UDL). This educational framework is based on research in the science of learning and guides the development of flexible learning environments and opportunities that accommodate individual learning differences. 

While UDL does ask that we consider the physical space, the classroom configuration, it also requires that teachers provide a choice of tools, materials and resources. Then they must work with students to help them reflect on how the use of these resources impacts their learning. 

Another key feature of UDL is the integration of digital resources and materials. Digital resources offer greater flexibility than traditional print media, which in turn provides greater access for a variety of learners. Learners are provided with frequent, formative feedback and encouraged to share their learning process at stages. Celebrating that the process of learning is valuable, not simply the outcome, builds stamina and encourages persistence while stressing that learning is a continuous process. UDL actively involves the student in their learning by ensuring that the learning goal is clear and accessible. Learners are taught to frequently reference the goal and work purposefully toward it. 

I am excited to tell you that this summer most of our teachers will be attending a course presented by the CAST Institute on implementing UDL. Learn more about UDL.


Time Well Spent

On a separate note, it is time to say goodbye to our soon-to-be-sixth-graders, who have risen through the ranks of Village far too fast.

Whenever I meet new Kindergarten parents, I often talk about how quickly time passes and remind them how fortunate they are to have the opportunity to spend time with their child at Village School, time that they can never get back.

It really is ‘in just in the blink of an eye’ that children grow and leave. In my mind, it was just last month that my wife and I took our son, Cooper, to his first day of Kindergarten. It was only last week that we moved him into the dorms at Chico State. It was just yesterday, ‘in the blink of an eye,’ that he graduated.

The same rings true of our fifth grade students. Only six short years ago, they were in Kindergarten. Only three years from now they will be preparing to enter high school. How quickly these years have passed, and how fast those to come will fly!

Departing parents, you chose to be part of the Village School community. And, in doing so, you created time to spend with your children inside and outside of the classroom, not simply content to see them before and after school. You were purposeful in ensuring that ‘the time you can’t get back’ was time well spent and, in the process, you nurtured both your own children and those around them. In turn, these children and their families have shaped, formed and influenced you and your child. Everyone learned and grew together. You made an investment into your children’s future, while also banking memories of shared experiences that are unique to a parent participation school.

By spending your time invested in your children’s ‘everyday,’ you were able to slow time down, stretch it out. The memories of your shared experiences will last a lifetime. As we move into the summer months, I encourage you to cherish time with family and friends. Remember to celebrate, not to dwell on the details. Relish the big experiences that create lasting memories. You can’t get the time back, so make the most of it. Everyday.