Village School

Lunch Leagues for 2016-2017

By Angel D., PTA Enrichment Chair and Parent

Every day of the week, dedicated parent volunteers lead our Lunch League clubs for students who have a special interest or are just looking for something different to do. This year, for the first time there are also upper grade students leading some clubs! Read on to see what clubs are meeting this year, and encourage your kids or other students you know might be interested to check them out.


Running Club – (Meets on the field near the Ball Shed) Want to go for a run? This is a spot where student can run off their energy. You can go as fast or as slow as you want. No experience necessary! 

Take A Part Club – (Meets in front of Room 1) Ever wonder how things are made? In this club, kids get to tinker and take apart items. It’s a great way to learn the mechanics of electronics such as a toaster oven or a remote control. 

Yarn Club – (Meets in Room 4) Another extremely popular club has come back this year! Kids get to use their creativity to learn and make different items from scarves to coasters! 


Walking Club – (Meets on the field near the Ball Shed) Sometimes, kids just want to go for a walk. What better way to hang out with your friends while you get to walk and talk? 


Soccer Club – (Meets on the field) Can we just have our own Village club soccer team? Every Wednesday, kids run out into the field in anticipation to do some drills, play some games or just kick the ball! 


Gardening Arts Club – (Meets at the garden) Want to make a fairy house? Start a garden from seeds? Kids get to come and play in the dirt, using their creativity to create fun arts from the garden. 


Arts & Crafts – (Meets in the courtyard near Rooms 11 & 12) This year, our Arts & Crafts is led by the 5th graders! Each week, a different group of 5th graders lead the project. They come up with fun, seasonal projects for the younger grades to do.


Drawing Club – (Meets at the picnic tables across from Room 8) This club is also a 5th grade-run club. Each day, kids get to sit around and draw different characters and comics!