Village School

Meet Our New Staff

Q&A with Calvin B., Yard Duty Team Member

We know that you are our own school secretary Becky’s husband and a parent alumnus of Village. How long have you been away from Village, and what inspired you to come back? What is your role on campus this year? 
Well, I’ve never really been away because I have kept in tune with what’s going on through Becky! But the last time I volunteered was when my daughter graduated 5th grade in the 1990’s. She started here when Village first began as a school. Becky did most of the volunteering then, but I helped out on field trips.

This is the first time I have officially worked at Village. I am now here helping to lead Yard Duty everyday. Working here is a win-win — I like working with the kids and I know many of the staff. I recently retired as a Teamsters truck driver, and I was looking for something to get me out of the house!

Please tell us a little about yourself. For example, where are you from originally? What are your interests/hobbies, and what are some things you and/or you and your family like to do for fun?
I was born and raised in the Bay Area. We watch movies and TV at home, we spend time with our daughter, both Becky’s parents and my Dad are in the area, and we have a dog, Teddy. That’s about it!

Now that you are back on campus more often, what do you think seems to have changed and what has stayed the same? 
Many of the faces have obviously changed as far as the kids, but many of the staff are the same. I see the grown kids my daughter grew up with around town sometimes. I think the core of what Village is and has tried to encompass has stayed constant.

What do you like best about yard duty? 
It’s fun to interact with the kids, and I like being outside. I’ve always worked outside — I’m not a “sit behind a desk” sort of person. Mostly, I’m trying to keep the kids safe and help them get back in from recess without scrapes, bruises or the need for ice packs!