Village School

Photography Fun

Photography Fun is a brand-new lower grade center this year. Learn more about it in this Q&A with two of the parents who teach this Center each week.


Tell us about Photography Fun. How was the curriculum developed? What are the goals of the Center, and what are you hoping students gain from the Center?
We wrote this curriculum and then realized how important it was for the kids to have something to take home and show their work. We came up with the idea for the photo book and made a sample and the rest is history!
The goals are to help kids gain a stronger understanding of photography — how to take a photo and focus on a different subject each week.

We are hoping to set off a new spark for kids and taking photos. We are showing them little tips regarding focusing, perspective, and framing, and we really try to use language commonly used in photography to challenge the kids to see life through a camera lens.


What are some of the projects/types of photos students in the Center complete?
Week One: Portraits or selfies!
Week Two: Nature
Week Three: Abstract or Urban – mainly abstract for my (Staeci’s) week. It’s a difficult concept to convey, but we come out with some excellent photos!
Week Four: Compile all photos in a personal photo album!


What do you like best about leading the Center? Are there any highlights of the Center you are especially excited about?
I love it when I get to witness a student embrace the process of taking photos — trying different things, thinking outside of the box (which is especially fun with abstract). I also love sitting with them and reviewing their photos while challenging them to find a different angle, different lighting, or even different framing. I want to also say that I have a great Center Assistant and teammates! Teamwork makes the dream work! 


Is there anything else you’d like to add?
I especially love getting positive feedback from parents. I have been told that a student used the language we taught them on field trip to an art museum!
My favorite day of the center has been the last day of the rotation, when the kids get to see their photos printed out and make their books. There is something about seeing a photo you took printed out — it gives it life to the process and the kids swell with pride over their product. Every photo book has been unique and creative. This center has truly been a pleasure!


Selection of photos from the Center. All student photos are taken on iPads.