Village School

Principal's Corner – Profile of a Graduate

Self-Directed, Innovative, Collaborative, Empathetic, and Critical Thinkers; these are the characteristics of our district’s “Profile of a Graduate.” Aligning with our motto of “Education Beyond the Expected,” in August our district issued a call for all of us to take notice when our students demonstrate these competencies.

Moving forward, teachers and educators in our district will develop tools that enable students to understand and self-evaluate the level in which they, or their group, are effectively engaged in these competencies. We will move beyond serendipity (the process of stumbling toward discovery) and purposefully engage students in conversations about the life-skill competencies found in “The Profile of a Graduate.” We will teach students how to be expert learners, understanding that learning doesn’t end when school does.

The Village School philosophy calls for projects, group work, the use of technology, and the inclusion of visual and performing arts to provide multiple opportunities for children to show what they know. A intuitive balance of standards-driven education with hands-on curriculum rounds out the Village School experience.

When parents and staff work together for the good of the child, the end result is a student who is able to take on leadership roles around the community, and excel academically. Students matriculating from Village School are able to work in a variety of settings, set goals for themselves, and advocate for others. These are the skills necessary for college and career success in our world today.