Village School

Teacher Michele is a "Symetra Hero in the Classroom"

We are thrilled to announce that our 4th/the grade teacher, Michele Goetowski, has been named a “Symetra Hero in the Classroom.” She is one of 16 teachers in the Bay Area to be honored. GiGi Griffin, mom to 5th grader Zoe and 2nd grader Ben, submitted the nomination. On Monday, December 5th, Symetra and the San Francisco 49ers honored Michele during a surprise presentation at Village. At the presentation, Michele spoke of the importance of teamwork and how grateful she is to her Village colleagues, families and students who work together to ensure success for all. Michele is featured in the Campbell Patch.

Michele was also featured in the Decemeber 8th issue of the San Jose Mercury News! In September, Michele was honored for excellence in education by the San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce and named the 2016 San Jose Silicon Valley’s Chamber of Commerce’s Teacher of the Year. The award was presented to her at the Annual Legends and Leaders event at the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose on December 8th.

Thank you to everyone for creating such a special learning community where we all contribute to our success.