Village School

Village 4th/5th Graders Name a Falcon

The same female peregrine falcon has been laying eggs in a man-made nest box on the roof of City Hall since 2007. She has had a total of 42 babies over those years.

The 4th and 5th grade Talented Toucans class have been watching the babies hatch and grow, and have now entered and won a competition as a class to name one of the babies. The Toucans decided to submit the name Aquila, and Aquila was selected for one of the babies!

On May 20th, some of the Talented Toucans, along with Teacher Michele and beloved, retired Village teacher and bird watcher extraordinaire Sherry, gathered to watch the babies take some of their first flights.


(Written by two of our Talented Toucans)

Aquila is the eagle constellation. In Greek Mythology Aquila represents the Roman god Jupiter. Aquila is a good name for a peregrine falcon because they have made a comeback and that makes them stars in the bird world.

It is a good name because constellations last for a long time and we hope that  peregrines will last long too. Aquila is the 22nd biggest star in the sky and it relates to the peregrines because they have made one of the biggest comebacks in all of life. They were almost extinct because of the chemical DDT that made their egg shells soft. When the parents sat on the eggs they would break. Therefore, Aquila would be a great name for a Peregrine Falcon. We hope that this name gets chosen for a peregrine.