Village School

Village Alums Honored

Message from a Village Alum Parent

In case we need more supporting evidence that all the great work teachers, staff and parents are doing at Village School is making a difference for kids…

In a ceremony on December 13th, all eight Village alumni currently attending Campbell Middle School (CMS) 7th grade were inducted into the CMS Chapter of the National Jr. Honor Society. Our kids were honored for their Academics, Leadership and Citizenship.

I am confident their Village School foundation has helped them thrive in middle school. They are involved in sports, band, K-Dog student broadcasting, and student government.

Everywhere they go, they are leaders and up-standers, for themselves and for others. They can’t help themselves! Village School taught them that this is exactly how they should show up in the world. They are leaders because we set the bar for them. We modeled for them what was expected and they delivered!

Continue to “rock it” at Village School, like no one else can… Village is in my family’s blood and will always be!