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Updated Thu, Feb 9th
Updated Thu, Feb 9th
Updated Thu, Feb 9th
Updated Thu, Feb 9th
Updated Thu, Feb 9th

By Tracey K., Parent

She’s a software developer at Intel who recently moved to the Bay Area. She travels to Colorado and India and, although she’s never been to Universal Studios, she loves thrill rides. She knows a thing or two about Harry Potter, and can easily carry on a conversation with a 10 year old on the topic.

These are some of the things that 5th grade Villager, my daughter Cat, can share about her PC Pal, Riti. After more than a year of bi-weekly emails, the two have become friends. Cat is thrilled to have a connection with an adult who is involved in her life not out of any sort of parental, teacher or other grown-up obligation, but simply because she wants to be a positive influence in a child’s life. Riti and Cat share questions and answers via email through PC Pals, an email based mentoring program that Teacher Michele introduced to the classroom last year.

Through PC Pals, students are paired with Intel employees or retirees during the school year, exchanging emails once or twice per week. Using a program called ‘Gaggle’, which is closed only to the pair of PC Pals and the teacher, Ms. Michele determines what types of topics to cover, augmenting what they are doing in the classroom.

The program offers students practical development of writing and communications skills, a connection to local business and technology professionals, and the ongoing encouragement, support and commitment from an adult role model in their community. In addition, PC Pals also offers financial support for the school. Through Intel’s volunteer matching grant program, the school earns $10 per hour that employees volunteer for education and non-profits.

After exchanging messages for several months, last year’s class was able to take a field trip to Intel to have lunch with their PC Pals and tour the Intel Museum. This year, the Intel PC Pals came to Village. Although a field trip is always nice, since the PC Pals came bearing cookies and a fun pair of Intel sunglasses, all was well with the Snowboarding Snow Leopards and the visit was a huge hit. For many of the Intel volunteers, it was the first time in many years that they had visited an elementary school site. Village energy and excitement greeted them in full force.

Cat looks forward to learning more about computer science, places she’s never been, and rollercoasters. She looks forward to sharing more about the computer parts she saw in the take-apart club, what she did during winter break, and exchanging a bit of Harry Potter trivia. She’ll answer her PC Pal’s questions and then ask at least two more. Together they will accompany each other through the school year. Pals they are: Riti and Cat.

Updated Thu, Feb 9th

By Mandy U., Positive School Climate Chair and Parent

In collaboration with Aisling C., Master Chef of the Smart Sushi Rolls and Parent

There are countless great things about Village, aka #coolthings, and one of my most favorite is the way our teachers focus on helping our kids learn how to be lifelong learners. According to Wikipedia, being a lifelong learner means to have a pursuit of knowledge that is “ongoing, voluntary and self motivated.” What better gift can we give our kids than the idea that learning in itself is the buried treasure they get to find at school and in life?

The journey towards becoming lifelong learners starts with knowing what types of learners we are, most commonly identified by three different styles: auditory, visual and kinesthetic. Knowing what style of learner you are can help you implement strategies that help you become successful as a learner, and hopefully, help you grow into a lifelong learner.

Our Village teachers incorporate another component into this idea of learning style by considering the environment in which kids learn. While we can’t easily change the dimensions of our classrooms, we can change the environment within the walls of our classrooms. One very creative way our teachers are doing just this is through flexible seating.

Also coined as the “Starbucks” approach to the classroom, flexible seating provides another opportunity for our kids to ask themselves, “How do I learn best?” and to try out different options. While rows of desks is one seating option, how often do you as an adult find this to be the only option? When you walk into Starbucks, you order your custom coffee, and then you select your custom seating. Where do you choose to sit and why?

“I usually gravitate towards the comfy seating choices like the couches and big chairs, and yet, I see people choose the tables and chairs over and over again. Regardless, when you walk into Starbucks, you have choice. You get to choose where you sit. No one checks you in and directs you to a spot, telling you that you must sit there for the remainder of the day to do your work. If you need to get up, walk around, or choose a different seat, you are free to do so.” (Top Dog Teaching)

By offering flexible seating in the classroom, our teachers are offering our kids a “safe” place to try out and experiment with which seating choices work best for them. These choices are the same or similar to the choices they have at home and will have throughout their lives, giving them an opportunity now to take charge of their learning.

“If we truly want to prepare our students for the real world, we need to put them in responsive, dynamic environments that reflect life outside of a traditional classroom. And what’s that life outside like? Full of choices, where adults are responsible for their own learning,” says Kayla Delzer of Top Dog Teaching.

While all of our Village teachers are implementing some form of flexible seating, teacher Aisling has completely revamped her classroom, and currently offers 20 plus different seating choices for her students. Some of those choices include sitting on the floor or carpet, a couch, bouncy balls, raised chairs, using lap desks with pillows, bean bags, stools that move up and down, scoop rocker chairs, yoga mats, hokki stools, standing or lying down on their tummies and more!

More often than not, kids in Aisling’s class have always been allowed the choice to work where they felt most comfortable, but what she found over past years of teaching is that often times several kids would want to choose the couple of “comfy/alternative” seats in the room, so providing more seating options seemed like the next step to giving her students more choice.

With so many choices, you might wonder how it works. To start the year, Aisling’s kids were assigned to seats at tables. From there, small groups of kids were allowed to try the different flexible seating options. Once the kids had ample time to explore the different options, Aisling used a rotating “first-choice seating chart” at the end of each day to allow the kids to pick their flexible seating choice for the following day. Now, the kids are choosing their flexible seating choice at the end of day Friday for the following week.

Kids in Aisling’s classroom say, “I like flexible seating because…

  • “Ms. Aisling trusts you to make a great seating choice and you can try out different spots.”
  • “Some of them are comfortable and I like to be comfortable when I’m working. The yoga mat and the couch worked out well for me. They were easy to work on. Sometimes the chair is better for different projects. Sometimes I look at the schedule and that helps me decide. If we’re doing this I may want to choose this.”
  • “It gives you a choice to not sit at a desk everyday.”
  • “It’s cozy, and I can work really well.”
  • “You don’t get bored in the same seat every day.”

Many studies show the benefits of flexible seating on improved health and learning. “Dr. Sisk says that the ‘classroom without desks’ not only keeps students moving, it also makes teacher-student interaction easy. Kids crave movement. What’s more, they need movement for proper development.” (Mayo Clinic, 2006)

Aisling agrees and says she will not return to her old classroom set-up. “Flexible seating works for me and it’s good for kids. This shift in my teaching practice is going to make learning more engaging and fun for my 3rd graders!”

Teacher Aisling invites those interested to come check out her classroom. There’s no coffee, but there are plenty of seats to choose from!

Many thanks to teacher Aisling and all our Village teachers for helping our kids become lifelong learners. Flexible seating is one example from a list of many ways our teachers create such a tremendous, rich learning environment for our kids, and as a parent of three Villagers, I’m extremely grateful for all they do.

Updated Mon, Feb 13th

Creativity abounds at this annual demonstration of works by students engaged in Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics! Wed., March 29, from 4–7pm.

 Watch the Video

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(For subtitles in Spanish, use the settings link in the bottom-right corner of this video.)

Updated Tue, Feb 7th

Students in CUSD's after school program learn that they can have an active role in their school and in the world!

Our District's after school program is building a thriving community of students who feel good about themselves, value each other, and connect to how important they are to their own success and making a difference in their communities and the world. 

Donors and regional agencies are noticing the quality, making CUSD's CampbellCare and Crew programs models for others. This week, Save Mart CARES Foundation donated $15K to expand training in the Every Monday Matters program, called "World Changers" in CUSD.

District after school staff report that the "World Changers" You Matter(TM) program's greatest strengths include: Respect for Others, Student Voice, Willingness to Help, Building and Maintaining Constructive Relationships, and Community Awareness. 

See our after school video and web page for more about our program

Updated Mon, Feb 13th

There's a new, one-click link to all updates about the proposed transformation of Campbell Middle School to a PreK—8 school

The new transformation web page offers news, key dates, answers to frequently asked questions and more in on transformation information "portal". Bookmark it and check back periodically for updates. (

Updated Mon, Jan 30th

The latest School Accountability Report Cards (SARC) are available online and in print.

State-mandated reports, known as SARC, provide information about each public school’s demographic and academic data, class sizes, teacher and staff information, fiscal data and descriptions of curriculum and instruction. Reports for the previous school year are published no later than February 1st.

Anyone wishing to see a copy of these reports for schools in Campbell Union School District may view them online (at or can ask for a printed copy from staff in school office or District Administration offices.

Spanish translations of the reports are forthcoming and will be posted as soon as they are available.

For more details, phone 408-364-4200 ext. 6254.

Updated Tue, Jan 24th

Community partnerships enhance our quality education from preschool through 8th grade.

 Watch the Video

In our District, we believe in educating the "whole child." Skilled teachers work with experts from local businesses to provide rigorous academic lessons and with experts from social agencies to support all aspects of our students' health.

Updated Mon, Jan 23rd

Strategic Plan Objectives on Target; School Transformation Planning Continues

District Reorganization Update

Superintendent Eric Andrew provided an overview of the actions taken and those that are planned regarding transforming Campbell Middle School (CMS) into a PreK-8 school.

Key Points:

  1. Transformation model and guiding principles: Superintendent Andrew explained that the Transformation Team will be considering the three approaches for transition that the Board discussed at the December Study Session, and that the group would be drafting some Guiding Principles for Board approval.
  2. Placement of incoming CMS 5th and 6th graders: Dr. Andrew also noted that plans are underway for having incoming 5th graders be able to remain at the elementary school, and he asked for the Board’s direction regarding placement of the 6th graders in the CMS attendance area.
    The Board agreed that CMS should not take new 5th graders, but that incoming 6th graders should be allowed to attend CMS through grade 8.
  3. Facility needs: Deputy Superintendent Jim Crawford described the anticipated modifications needed at some school campuses to accommodate the increase in 5th and 6th graders during and beyond the transformation. Estimated increases in the number of classrooms needed at Monroe, Rolling Hills, Blackford, Castlemont, Capri and Rosemary schools are based on available enrollment projections.
  4. Transformation Team: Many of the members of the newly formed Transformation Team were present and were introduced. Members represent elementary and middle school teachers, parents, support staff and neighbors. The Team had its first meeting on January 12th.
    Transformation Facilitator Derek Mitchell explained that the first steps for the Team are to determine the best ways to communicate and work together, define what success would look like, and identify key decisions needed before presenting a proposal to the Board in June 2017. The Transformation Team’s next meeting is currently scheduled for February 2.


Strategic Plan Progress

Superintendent Eric Andrew reported that work on the five objectives aimed at achieving the district’s Strategic Goals is going well.

Since the last Board update:

  • Completed Objectives:
    - Create a Special Education Professional Development Training Series and provide at least one training in order to develop and retain special education teachers
  • Revised Deadlines:
    - Create and present to the Board a plan for creating a “Parent University.”
    - Proposed plan for implementation of the K-8 school at Campbell Middle School
    - Strategies to improve employees’ work experience
    - List of wellness resources available to Campbell USD employees.

Meeting minutes and slides from presentations can be seen on request or online at

Updated Tue, Feb 21st

Public notifications of hearings and meetings as required by law.


Intergovernmental  Subcommittee

DATE:  Monday, February 27, 2017

TIME:   4:00 P.M. 

LOCATION: City of San Jose, City Hall, 200 E Santa Clara St, San Jose, CA 95113, Conference Room 1753

COMMITTEE MEMBERS: Danielle M.S. Cohen, Thomas M. Gemetti

AGENDA: City and School District Collaboration

STEAM*  Subcommittee

DATE:  Friday, March 3, 2017

TIME:   3:00 P.M. 

LOCATION:  Monroe Middle School Computer Lab, 1055 South Monroe, San Jose, CA 95128

MEMBERS: Michael L. Snyder, Richard H. Nguyen

AGENDA: STEAM Initiative

* STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


DATE:  Thursday, March 16, 2017

TIME:   6:00 P.M. 

LOCATION:  155 N. Third Street, Campbell, CA 95008


Updated Tue, Jan 17th

January 17 marks the start of Kindergarten enrollment for the 2017-18 school year.

Watch our video and plan a visit to our wonderful school!

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