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A Community Event Featuring Student Innovations

Wednesday, March 28, 2018  •  4 – 7 p.m.
Location: Monroe Middle School campus, 1055 S. Monroe, San Jose

Hands-on activities for students of all ages!

Demonstrations and performances by students from all Campbell Union School District schools, including: Band and Choir, Engineering Design Challenges, Coding, Robotics, Interdisciplinary Science, Math, and Art Classroom Projects.

Information at:  408-364-4200 or contact [at]

Updated Tue, Mar 13th

There's a lot to like about driving a school bus in Campbell Union School District:
Your work year can match your student's school year;  
You are trained and certified as an expert driver;
You get a really good benefits package; and
You work with a great team of professionals; .

Campbell Union School District will be offering free training designed to prepare attendees to complete all needed steps to becoming a state certified school bus driver.  Successful candidates will also be eligible for openings within the district’s Transportation Department.  Classes will be held on held in late April on T/Th evenings and Saturdays.  For further information, please contact Chrissie Stevenson (cstevenson [at] 

Updated Wed, Mar 7th

Parents and guardians are proving the adage about showing up being a big part of success for their children.

Engaging families as partners and refining how staff uses extensive attendance data has earned Campbell Union School District one of the highest attendance rates in California, improved student achievement, and a 2018 Hoffmann Exemplary School Program Award.

“We are making a difference together,” said Superintendent Shelly Viramontez. “Our approach allows us to systematically address attendance obstacles, maintain high levels of parent engagement, celebrate improvements, and provide an array of supports and resources to reduce the loss of instructional time.”

This year, for example, the district and schools focused on lowering the rate of Chronic Absences through the relationships that the Community Liaisons have with families. 

“The personal connection is very important,” said Director of Student Services Rosanna Palomo. “Each absence, each tardy, and each early pick up is an opportunity for our school office staff or teacher to communicate with the parent about the importance of good attendance for their child’s success in school… and they do!” 

The results for early 2017-18 have been commendable, with a one-year attendance improvement rate of 67% among those chronically absent students. Other improvements include noticeable academic growth among the State’s student subgroups at CUSD schools with better attendance. Overall attendance gains can also generate savings to the district’s budget. 

The Glenn W. Hoffmann Awards, sponsored by the Santa Clara County School Boards Association (SCCSBA), celebrate school and school district programs that significantly impact student success in our region. The winners will be honored at a SCCSBA ceremony on April 25, 2018.

Updated Mon, Feb 26th

Parents of 1st-3rd graders can try design thinking activities on Wed., Feb. 28th, from 2:30-3:30p

Design thinking is spreading across Campbell Union School District. Some parents are wondering what it is.

If your student will be entering grades 2-4 in the coming school year, you can learn about design thinking together at this special experience and tour at the future home of the Campbell School of Innovation, 295 Cherry Lane, Campbell. 

Advance reservations recommended.
To reserve an activity kit and a spot at this event, please RSVP by Thursday, February 22 to 408-341-7137 or njready [at]

Bring your child and curiosity to explore the campus and the design thinking process together!

Campbell School of Innovation (CSI) is a new public school that will use design thinking as the strategy to bring rigorous, standards-based instruction to preschool through 8th grade students. It will open August 2018 for grades TK-4, and enrollment is happening now.

Updated Wed, Feb 21st

Keep curious kids active, engaged and safe this summer with CUSD Extensions programs

It's time to start planning for summer.

For elementary and middle schoolers...
Our summer camps and enrichment programs are a great way for kids to try a new sport, dig into a new interest, or develop a flare for the dramatic. We offer enrichment, recreation, musical theater and more. Learn more. 

If you have a preschooler...
Help your little one grow and learn in our Kindergarten Readiness program. Designed for those about to start school, your child will develop oral language and social skills that will make success in school easier. We also offer preschool and toddler programs all year long. Learn more.

Summer progams are open to all families. District residency is not required.

If you have questions...please contact the CUSD Extensions Department, or call (408) 364-4200.

Updated Mon, Feb 26th

Our hearts go out to the families and staff involved in yesterday’s tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, in Florida. We hope and pray that nothing like that ever happens in our schools or community.  However, if it does, we are prepared.

We take safety very seriously, and practice our emergency response plans frequently. Our training in the Incident Command System (ICS) is one way in which do our best to protect students and ourselves. Our trainings include working directly with professional fire and police officials who use ICS for emergency response and communications.

We also partner with community health services to help our students and families who need support with social-emotional and other non-instructional issues.

A tragedy such as this reminds us to hug our loved ones a little tighter and appreciate each day a little more. Be well.

— District Superintendent Shelly Viramontez, Ed.D.

Updated Tue, Feb 13th

Note key dates for the new school year.

See the calendar online or download a printable version here.

Updated Wed, Feb 28th

One of Village's newest Parent Ed Trainers reflects on how positive discipline has impacted her family and her desire to 'pay it forward'.

Paying It Forward

Two years ago, my husband and I both enrolled in the PD at Home class when our oldest got into Village school. The class was held over the summer prior to the first day of school. We had two wonderful veteran teachers, Amy Dalziel and Ehsaneh Sadr, who have graduated from Village. Both my husband and I were not raised in positive discipline ways, we’ve experienced some forms of corporal punishment as a child, and yelling and or manipulations by our parents. All of the PD ideas presented were new and strange in a lot of ways. However, we’ve embraced it, did all the weekly assignments assigned to us together and had lots of interesting discussions at home.

Fast forward to three months into the same school year, we were struggling with our youngest who was 3 at the time, with temper tantrums, a lot of crying and screaming. One day on a weekend, I had an altercation with my youngest and it overboiled. My lid was flipped. I will leave most of the details unwritten, but there was a lot of yelling on my part and a lot of crying by both of us. It ended with me slamming my bedroom door, locking myself in my room for the next hour crying my eyes out because I was angry, and because I was ashamed of myself.

Over the next few days my feelings were raw and I would find myself crying in the middle of the day. My husband Matt and I would talk about it, and we decided we needed help as parents. We didn’t know what we were doing, we were doing something wrong with our kids and need help. So not knowing who to talk to, we reached out to our wonderful PD trainers Amy and Ehsaneh through email. We told them we were struggling with our daughter and asked if they could refer us to a therapist or counselor.

What happened next is unbelievable, heart-felt, and truly reminds me of the principles of Village school. Amy asked us to open up and tell them about our struggles and offered to have a phone brainstorming session to help us come up with solutions. We were floored. We had completely expected to get a name and number of some therapist, but to be offered help on the spot. Whoa!

There is an exercise called “Parents Helping Parents” in the Positive Discipline at Home class where parents role play a scenario they are struggling with. Some parents play the adults; others play the child. The idea is to role play what isn’t working, then the group comes up with solutions together, and then role play again with a new technique that the struggling parent wants to try. In the brainstorming session with Amy, I felt as if we were back in her class again doing this exercise. We didn’t quite role play on the phone, but we were asked a lot of questions about the struggling scenarios and she offered some insights. She reminded me that the misbehavior is her way to communicate with me. My child isn’t able to express in words what she needs, so she uses her body, and her actions to tell me. We got a lot out of the session, and came away feeling not as lost and that there are new things to try. There is hope.

Because of positive discipline, I now know that struggles with kids are okay, and that learning positive discipline is a lifelong journey. When Matt and I were asked to join the PD team this year, my immediate answer was yes, because I want to pay it forward. What Amy and Ehsaneh did for us a couple years ago left a lasting impression in our hearts. I am not the perfect parent who knows what she is doing and has answers to every problem. I want to be a student of positive discipline, to unlearn how I was parented and try new things. In January, I am so honored to be co-teaching the PD at Home class with Amy. My journey with PD began with Amy, and I hope to take on the torch and pay it forward. I also hope that many of the Village parents will take advantage of the PD classes offered for free. They can change your family’s life.

Updated Wed, Feb 28th

Principal David discusses how teachers and parents, working together to contextualize learning and create shared experiences, account for 'the Village difference.'

The Village Difference

It’s just started hailing, and every student at Village School is in the courtyard celebrating this chilly, rare and exciting experience. Not only are the students out in the hail, with their heads back, arms outstretched and mouths open to catch ice crystals, but teachers are out in the hail. Parents are outside too. The courtyard is filled with excited screams and laughter from the children and bright smiles from the approving adults. After a few minutes the hail stops and everyone returns to class, a bit colder and wetter perhaps, but richer and fuller from the common celebration of nature’s wonder. Not a single grump bemoaned the loss of instructional minutes while students played and celebrated in the hail. 

I ducked into one of our Kindergarten rooms and the excited teacher told me, “We’ve been studying weather patterns for two weeks. How wonderful that we just had hail. They’ll remember this their entire lives!” At Village School we strive to contextualize learning – to make it real, to make it fun. Sometimes it’s by accident; other times it is carefully planned and orchestrated. Either way, the Kinder students who had been studying weather for two weeks truly experienced weather today. Imagine how much richer their discussions and writing will be now. 

At Village School, we recognize that life’s joys can be found in the simplest experiences and sharing those experiences enriches all of our lives. That’s why, when you join our learning community, you make a commitment to participate. It is the Village custom that we travel on many field trips. Busses are expensive; most schools are very limited in the number of field trips they can offer. Not so at Village! Because parents drive, we can visit many more locations and have many more shared destinations. 

At Village School, every student experiences 50 minutes of rotating STEAM centers weekly. Students learn first hand about strawberry DNA, spies, ceramics, woodworking, Tiko, juggling and many more topics. Parents teach these centers and their participation is vital for this contextually rich Village experience to be successful. 

Shared experiences are a defining element of the Village learning community. From our daily communal classroom snack to our annual all school camping trip, ours is a culture of togetherness and unity. United in what’s best for all our students. 

Our Community Vision says it best, “We all belong. We are all significant. As we work, learn and play, we come together with compassion and respect.”

Updated Wed, Jan 17th

Input from parents, staff and other community members is very important to us in Campbell Union School District. Because we know you are very busy, we are offering a new, online way to provide your thoughts, ideas, and questions to us. It is called Thoughtexchange, and we hope it will be a convenient way to engage and communicate with us about our District and schools. 

On the morning of January 16, you may have received an invitation email from Thoughtexchange with simple instructions on how to participate in this process, which will be open through January 26.  (If you do not have an email account, use this link to our Thoughtexchange.)

With Thoughtexchange, you will be asked to share your thoughts on several open-ended questions, and to read and rate the thoughts and ideas of others. Our intent is to connect with parents, teachers, community members, students, and our district staff to gather thoughts, ideas, and questions they may have about our District and schools in order to continue meeting the needs of our elementary and middle school students.

Please look for the January 16 Thoughtexchange email or use this link to our Thoughtexchange.

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